The project has now started and is now in its 2nd week ! It has been already a wonderful experience of meeting people from around the world and traveling to places where European history was or is being made.

The New continent is a documentary project about The European Schengen space, a response in words and pictures to boundaries that represent Schengen, some of the differences it hosts and the questions that arise.
The project is an attempt to recognise the genuine difficulties of complex human geographies, while also acknowledging that borders can obstruct much that is good in the spirit of a modern Europe.“

Two weeks ago on the 14th June 2015 we celebrated the 30 years of the signature of the Schengen agreement which offered 400 millions Europeans citizens the freedom of movement within the newly created single space.  This unprecedented move by which a set of countries have abolished their internal borders has seen many opportunities but also created many challenges.

In the coming weeks we will use this freedom of movement between 26 countries to navigate Europe and document the realities of what has become today’s Schengen space. It is a long term and ambitious project and we are looking for people to join in the core team and make this happen.

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Thank you for your support and see you somewhere on the road in Our New Continent !