The New Continent project photographs have been featured by the World Policy Institute to illustrate the ongoing migrant crisis in the Calais area.

“July 27 and 28 saw the growing migrant crisis in Calais, France, escalate when thousands of migrants entered the high-traffic Channel Tunnel in an effort to reach the United Kingdom. One Sudanese migrant was killed in an accident, making him the ninth person to die in an attempted tunnel crossing since June. Between 3,000 and 5,000 migrants, largely from East Africa and the Middle East, live in resource-scarce camps in Calais, often lacking proper shelter and medical services. Many seek to reach the U.K. by stowing away on U.K.-bound trucks and ferries at great risk.

Phil Le Gal’s “New Continent” initiative, a photo project and documentary series, brings the experience of migration in the Schengen Area to light, showing the day-to-day realities of migrant life in areas throughout Europe.  In a recent trip to Calais, Le Gal documented life in the “New Jungle,” one of the city’s largest camps. A portion of the photos are presented here. For more on New Continent and Mr. Le Gal’s work, please see the project page.

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Thank you Katherine A. Peinhardt